Loyal Deception Seeker


Name: SkySabre
Personality Gender: Female
Class/Level: Soldier 4
Size: Gargantuan
Alt-Form: Mecha Aircraft
Initiative Modifier: + 2
Senses: Radar 1, Long Range Visual 1
Languages: Cybertronian, Quintesson
Description: 60’ tall, approx. 50 tons

AC: 17 (10 base, + 2 Dex, – 1 Size, + 6 Natural)
Touch: 11
Flat-Footed: 15
HP: 72 (4d10 HD + 30 Size Bonus + 8 Con Bonus)
Resistances: Acid 10, Cold 10, Electricity 10, Fire 10, Sonic 10
Saves: Fortitude: + 6 (+ 4 class, + 2 Con); Reflex: + 3 (+ 1 class, + 2 Refl); Will: + 1 (+ 1 class, + 0 Wis)
- Rapid Healing (1/hr) (racial)
- DR 10/Energon (racial)
- DR 1/- (Built to Last 1)
- 30% chance of avoiding shutdown below 0 HP; can be reduced to -17 before being destroyed (Built to Last 2)
- When alt form is hit but before damage is rolled, can elect to make a pilot check and the pilot check replaces the AC for that hit. Can be used a number of times per round equal to Dex mod. Cannot negate critical hits. (Combat Pilot)

Primary Form Speed (10’ sq): 6
Alt-Form Base Move (10’ sq): 41
Alt-Form Top Speed (50’ sq): 500
Alt-Form Top Speed (500’ sq): 50
Alt-Form Top Speed (MPH): 2800
Alt-Form Maneuverability: Perfect
Alt-Form Acceleration: 100/10
Alt-Form Weapon Slots: 12 (used 5)
Alt-Form Tech Slots: 10 (used 7)

BAB: + 4
Space: 20 ft.
Reach: 20 ft.
Melee Attack: + 8 (+ 4 BAB, + 5 STR, -1 Size)
Ranged Attack: + 5 (+ 4 BAB, + 2 DEX, -1 Size)
CMB: + 8 (+ 4 BAB, + 5 STR, -1 Size) Add + 3 when grappling for size and Improved Grapple
CMD: 20 (10 Base, + 4 BAB, + 5 STR, + 2 DEX, -1 Size) Add + 2 to avoid being grappled for Improved Grapple
Armed Melee Attack: Based on Improvised Weapon rules
Unarmed Melee Attack: + 8 or + 6 / + 6, dam 4d6 + 5, crit 20×3
Ranged Attack:
- Blaster Carbine (Shoulder Mounted, 360 swivel): + 5 (single attk) or + 1 (additional as part of full attk); dam 1d10, crit 20×3, range 150ft
- Blaster Pistols (Arm Mounted, forward face only): + 5 (single attk) or + 3 / + 3 (Two Fisted fighting) or + 1 (additional as part of full attk); dam 1d8, crit 20×3, range 100ft
Attack Options:
- Alt Form Strike (while in alt form can make single unarmed attk as a standard action).
- Vehicle Charging (if you morph from alt form to primary form as part of a charge, and complete your move with a successful melee attk, deal double damage)
- Catch Off Guard (take no penalties for using an improvised weapon. Unarmed opponents are flat-footed against any attacks you make with an improvised melee weapon)

Alt-Form Design: 4
Form Feats: 2
Ability Scores: 5
Special Power: 1
Gear: 3

Ability Scores:
STR: 20 (+ 5) (including 1 level bonus)
DEX: 15 (+ 2)
CON: 14 (+ 2)
INT: 12 (+ 1)
WIS: 11 (+ 0)
CHA: 10 (+ 0)

Form Feats (4): Alt Form Strike; Mounted Weapons; Vehicle Charging; Greater Unarmed Strike
Class Bonus Feats (3): Improved Unarmed Strike; Improved Grapple; Combat Pilot
Level Based Feats (2): Catch Off Guard; 2-Fisted Fighting
Feat Wishlist: Ready Gunner; Quick Morph; Vehicle Ramming

Build/Repair Simple (Int): + 5 (1 ranks + 1 Int + 3 class)
Fine manipulation (Dex): – 2 (0 ranks + 2 Dex – 4 size)
Knowledge Warfare (Int): + 7 (3 ranks + 1 Int + 3 class)
Pilot (Dex): + 9 / + 15 (4 ranks + 2 Dex + 3 class) + 4 in alt mode (combat pilot), + 2 in alt mode VTOL
Senses (Wis): + 7 (4 ranks + 0 Wis + 3 class)
Stealth (Dex): – 2 (0 ranks + 2 Dex – 4 size)

Class Abilities: Built To Last 1; Built To Last 2

Possessions/Gear: VTOL (cost 5); Long Range Visual 1 (cost 1); Radar 1 (cost 1); Blaster Pistols x2 (cost 2); Blaster Carbine (cost 2)


What did your character do during the past six million years (since the start of the Great War)?

SkySabre was created around the time of the start of the War. Just enough to get a good taste of the restrictive and heavy-handed so-called ‘Golden Age’ before Megatron’s rebellion became open. (At least, these were her thoughts.) During the War, she fought exclusively on the side of the Decepticons, and got to see Cybertron destroyed by Civil War.

SkySabre is a Seeker by design – but due to her frame size, she was often tapped during the War for other purposes than the Seeker’s typical Seek and Destroy. Instead, she worked something closer to Search and Rescue – being sent out carrying a medic or medics, dropping them off to retrieve/repair wounded Seekers and Decepticons, then transporting them back to a base. She never really cared for this role; however, she is a soldier, and she followed orders even if she did disagree with them. She developed hand-to-hand skills as a result of having to hold off the enemy, becoming a living shield between them and the medic and injured. As a result, she also absorbed some basic battlefield triage and repair skills.

She worked at this for a few million years; then, shortly before the exodus, she was on an underground mission and was shot down, falling into stasis. She woke up several million years later when Cybertron was reformatted.

What has your character done in the past six months (since Cybertron’s been reformated)?

Seek out other Cons (or at least the largest city/gathering of mecha), get caught up to date on events since she went into stasis, then proceed to drink heavily and get into bar fights because she feels betrayed and like she no longer has a purpose.

Which side of the conflict were you on during the War? (And if you weren’t on a side during the War, why not?)

The right side. Decepticons, of course, not the dogs of the Council.

You come across a well-known Autobot hero from the War that is dying. What do you do?

No one else around, I assume. So, put him out of my misery.

Same thing, except Decepticon. What do you do?

Do I know him? This might have a different answer depending on who he is. But generally, at least attempt to stabilize his degradation. I got enough training in battlefield triage to at least do that…. After that, airlift him to someone better suited to repairing his wounds.

While wandering the wilds of Cybertron, you come across none other than the legendary Megatron. He seems to be focused on meditating and does not appear to have noticed you yet. What do you do?

Set myself down in his field of vision and wait for him to acknowledge me. Then, respectfully ask him to explain his slag-brained idea to concede the War for no apparent reason, after all we Cons have been through, after all he himself had been through, all the speeches, the battles, the struggles to overthrow the oppressions of the Council, how he could just throw all that away….

….Except say it more diplomatically.

While wandering the wilds of Cybertron, you are ambushed by Predaking, flanked by DarkSteel and SkyLynx. They have not attacked yet. What do you do?

If they look like they are going to attack, then attempt to get the first shot in. If they don’t look like they’re attacking… wait and see what they say.

Swindle offers you the chance of a lifetime – he can get you in a position with all of the equipment necessary to assassinate Ultra Magnus. Do you accept his offer? Why or why not?

….This is Swindle. Never met the mech myself, but he’s got a rep. The better question is if he can get me out again. If there’s a plan for that – well, at that point it’d be weighing the risks versus the reward. Swindle might decide to sell me out down the line – and if Ultra Magnus is out, who’d take over for him? That might be an important question.

Rodimus has got a plan. He wants to reactivate the Titan city-bot Metroplex. However, it involves breaking into one of Shockwave’s labs and your group are the only bots available for the job. Do you take him up on his offer? Why or why not?

How much does a suicide mission pay again?

You come to city where Grimlock king! Grimlock no like Decepticon or cowards, but Grimlock city only place for miles and miles. What you do?

If I need to stop and can’t get to another city… hmm. Try to talk my way in, maybe try to cover up my Con brands. Or challenge him to an arm-wrestling match. I’d probably lose but it might be fun~

Do you imagine your character having a particular theme song? If so, what is it?

As of yet, SkySabre doesn’t have one. This may change in the future as I get a better sense of her personality.


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